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Minecraft is one of those two-player PS4 games offline that are best for learning but provoke overuse. You will get over-involved in the game because of its digital interactivity. The best modes to play offline are Hardcore, Creative, and Survival. For the many this is THE multiplayer game for couch co-op. It's a 4-player local party game that has fast-paced combat and plenty of things to discover about its hidden strategies. You'll have a lot of fun, but remember that this is easy to learn, and hard to master. We skipped Overcooked in our Switch round-up in favour good free online games to play with friends of one of its imitators, but we couldn't do it twice. This burgeoning series has spawned a number of like-minded games that are all about working together through chaotic situations. Of course, in this case, the theme is cooking, but that mundane-sounding theme doesn't do justice to the pure craziness of the multiplayer experience that's on offer here.